Active ingredients

Accelerated tissue remodeling: Sodium Perborate¹⁹ 
Application of blue®m (oral gel) to injured tissues accelerates wound healing. Tissue oxygenation at peri-implantitis sites was significantly decreased (p < 0.05) when compared with healthy sites¹⁸.

Plaque control: Sodium Perborate²¹ ²² Honey²⁰ ²³ and Xylitol²⁵ ²⁶
Oxygen molecules (O2 ) can penetrate much deeper into the biofilm to kill the anaerobic bacteria than the Chlorhexidine (C22H30Cl2N10) molecule. Oxygen molecules (O2 ) can penetrate much deeper into the perimucosal seal around the implant.

Antiseptic: Methyl Salicylate³⁸ ³⁹
Methyl Salicylate has an antiseptic effect and there is some thought that methyl salicylate may have an anti-inflammatory effect as well.

Bone growth accelerator: Lactoferrin²⁷ ²⁸
Lactoferrin potently stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of primary osteoblasts.

Tatiana Miranda Deliberador wins blue®m case report competition

Zwolle, the Netherlands, July 9th, 2019 |  Prof. Dr. Tatiana Miranda Deliberador is…

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Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis A 3-year follow-up

A patient had an implant placed in supraposition because of the location of the nervus mentalis and therefore was never completely subgingivally integrated in the bone. DNA bacterie test showed a high concentration of P.g. blue®m was used for two years.

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Implant placement with biomaterials, L-PRF

Drs. Emilio Marquardt placed an implant with biomaterials and L-PRF. He used blue®m to support wound healing. Good results were seen after only 24 hours!

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Wound healing problem after apex resection

blue®m oral gel is applied after an apex resection to support wound healing.

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blue®m oral foam can be used to clean dentures, aligners and retainers. In this case, you see a retainer being cleaned with oral foam.

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